Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well, shoot! There I was a couple of weeks ago, feeling pretty good about life. Then, BAM! I tripped over the dog and hurt my elbow again. I've been babying it for a week now and it's still not right. So, I'll be visiting my favorite orthopaedist soon to see what's what.

It's a good thing the dog is so darned cute or he'd be toast by now, PETA concerns aside. I posted a picture so you can see for yourself. Also, so you'll know that I do actually have a dog. I had a few people read my last post and saw my comment about walking the dog and they wondered if that was just a euphemism for a bodily function, or if I really do have a pooch. Here's the proof, the whole proof and nothing but the proof. Don'tcha just want to grab his little cheeks and give him a scritch? I'll put a bell around his neck and look where I'm going so I won't be so clumsy the next time.

The upside of this latest wrinkle in my recovery plan is that *SHhhh! Don't tell anyone...* I actually like all this freedom from deadlines and being able to do whatever the heck I want to do for the moment. While I wait for my elbow to settle down, I can still draw whatever I like, meet my friends for lunch, etc. And since I had planned for the rest of this year to be recovery time, well, it's just a good thing I'm not in any rush. Also, now there is no excuse for not getting my taxes done on time! I think our accountant just might keel over from shock if I bring the stuff to her before March 30th. Maybe I should get one of those little oxygen tanks to carry with me just in case. :)

more drawings from last week: