Friday, July 19, 2013

"Yerrrrrrrrrrrr OUT!"

The voters have weighed in, and I'm out of the Battle of the Beadsmith competition. My piece fell to a spectacular entry and I wish Kris Empting-Obenland much luck with the remainder of the challenge.  Now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun as I get back to work on smaller pieces.

Currently, I am busy working in black and white.  I made a number of cabs, large and small, for bead embroidery projects.  Once the beads are out, I thought I might as well do them all at once.

Here is what my worktable looks like today:

Originally, I had planned to use some super-sparkly AB Swarovski crystal bicones in these projects but I couldn't find them anywhere in my studio. It was driving me mad.  I gave up looking and finished the beading without the sparkles. It turns out I had over-organized my space. Last year, I decided it would be smart to create project boxes: cabs would be stored with the beads I had in mind for them, labeled, and stored where I could easily see the labels. One of those boxes held black and white cabs.... and those danged crystals! When I made the new black and white cabs shown above, I completely forgot about the existing box! What a knucklehead.

Thanks to a dear old friend, Paul Hallinger, I've now been diagnosed accurately with BOSS (Bead Over-organized Stress Syndrome) HA! :D

I hope to have several pairs of earrings ready to put in my Etsy shop by the end of the weekend.

 copyright 2013 Shibori Girl