Thursday, September 25, 2014

We're Moving. "Oh, No!"

Here I sit, surrounded by the detritus of living in the same space for 26 years.  Marble Man might have a new job offer in Providence, Rhode Island, starting early next year.  After an initial period of shock, I'm on board with a move and new adventure. But, Oh, My! There is a lot of stuff to deal with before the big trip North!  We will most likely be renting an apartment for a year or two while we learn the area and figure out where we'd like to buy a house. This means consolidating the contents of our current house into a 2 bedroom space. Time for rolling up of sleeves and some serious decision-making.

When dealing with my studio space, I've been particularly brutal. I give myself 5 seconds when I pick up an item. If I can't come up with a reason to keep it in those five seconds, I either throw it out or add it to the donation pile. I don't have any idea of what kind of space I'll have in our apartment, so my supplies will need to be compact and in a flexible storage system.

So far, I've been able to eliminate all those plastic drawers and consolidate the beads in them into the metal drawer cabinet. "Yay!" But, Lawd, it's been hard work. And there is the rest of the house to be done as well. We haven't even cracked open the attic yet!

How do you store your supplies?

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