Wednesday, May 03, 2006

She's BAAaack!

I have been dyeing for two days now, and it feels GREAT! Yesterday I boiled up one big pot of water outside, about enough to get six buckets going. I thought that would be a good way to start up: six buckets and I'd be done. 'Cause then I had to get all the fabric off the poles, squeeze it all out, wash and dry it, as well as hosing out the buckets and poles for the next session (pant, pant). So, six sounded like a good beginning amount - I didn't want to wear myself out. ('Though I was mighty tired anyway!) It felt sooooo goood to get back to work.

Yesterday's session was actually to prep for today. My girlfriend wanted to dye some fabrics of her own for a quilt, so I needed to make sure I had enough propane, that the burners were in proper working order, yada, yada, yada... Today, with Fran's help, we had about 25 colors going!!! I couldn't have done it without her, since she did a lot of hard stuff. She schlepped buckets across the yard, hosed stuff out, stirred; she was a dyeing machine. What a good day. Now my stuff is in the washer churning away and I'm looking forward to seeing them dried and ironed (that's the fun part).

Now that I have had a chance to take a breath, grab some lunch, and cool off, I realize just how tired I really am: I could use a nap! :) So, the rest of the day I'll plan what to do during the next session. I think it is reasonable to try to do the heavy dye work maybe 3 days a week for now, and see how my hand and elbow feel. I might just have to scale it back to once a week in the beginning so I don't relapse my tennis elbow. For now, it is marvelous to be back to doing what I love to do.

Your dye-covered fabric queen