Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love Is In The Air...

Unrequited plant love, that is. Pollen. Great swirling yellow-green clouds of pine pollen that gets into, and onto, everything. The bane of my (and MarbleMan's) existence at this time every year. I know the pollen you can see is not what causes allergic reaction, but the stuff you can't see that causes my baby blues to itch and swell, and my schnoz to drip like a faulty faucet. I never had allergy issues until we moved South. I vividly remember the first Spring we spent here - I thought I had the flu it was so bad. So while I revel in the burgeoning beauty of early flowers, I pop a Claritin and prepare for the ensuing discomfort. Luckily I only resemble a troll for a week or two.

Pine pollen settles on a puddle surface

The pollen issue has put my outdoor walking plans on hold for the next two weeks. This is a great time to head back to the gym for a walk on the treadmill to nowhere.

The good news is my garden is showing early signs of life after several months of extreme drought conditions. We weren't allowed to water outside at all during this time, and I despaired to see so many plants wither. Thankfully, many seem to be rebounding. Makes me want to go out and frolic!


Karen Cole said...

Hey Kate!

I had a heck of a time getting to you. I can't click back to you from my blog since I am not using "Typepad". I finally realized you were the Kate I was looking for from Constance.

Your blog looks great!

I'm with you....stuffing my face full of Claritin and squirting stuff up my nose. Yeah spring, boo pollen.

Nice to visit! Karen

rochambeau said...

Hi Kate,
Here in Tx.,where my mom lives, it's green pollen time too. We've had to wash down the pollen from her porch a number of times in the past weeks. I know what you mean!
Thanks for visiting. You brighten my day.