Monday, October 06, 2008

Cleaning out the Project Graveyard

This weekend, I finished up some pieces that've been hanging around the studio for a while. In a previous post I showed you my Ginkgo Leaf Button Necklace in progress, and here it is finally finished:


The Square Button Necklace is also done:


I've got closets and drawers FILLED with unfinished work. I don't know what my issue is! It seems as I'm approaching the home stretch on something, my brain jumps ahead and plans the next three projects. I get so excited thinking about what to do next, that I abandon the current piece just as I'm about to finish it. Pretty stoo-pid. Now, I have a new attack plan: before I can start something new, I must finish two pieces from the "Project Graveyard". It seems to be working *crosses fingers*. Dangle a King-Sized carrot like a new project in front of me, and apparently this donkey CAN see something through to completion!

The "New Project" reward for finishing up these two necklaces was this Peyote Stitch bracelet:

I LOVE, Love, luhv doing beadweaving, and have meant to learn Peyote Stitch for a long time now, but found it tricky to teach myself from magazine basic instructions. I set aside a good chunk of time, and picked out some larger seed beads than I would normally have chosen, and started to figure it out. Once I got past the first three rows, it was easy, peasy! I used two darling little ladybug buttons and loops for a hidden closure in the midst of the flower beads. It's very fun to wear! Click on the pictures for purchasing information, if you are interested.

Now, as I rootle around in my unfinished projects, I'm thinking "Who wants to be finished next?"


Lola Enchanted said...

Very lovely jewelry! Don't you just love being able to "catch up" on projects!!!~

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Very pretty! I have the same problem with unfinished projects. The best part of any project to me is the planning. Once the ground work is laid I'm not so gung-ho anymore...I'm just not a do-er. I need employees! :) Have a great week, Kate.

MGU said...

I love the bead work and the beads themselves!

3rdEyeMuse said...

both necklaces came out stunning, but I love, love, LOVE the bracelet! It's fabulous! and I think your secret ladybug hidden closure is brilliant!