Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Petal Power and a Revelation

Fairy Blossom Necklace

Our recent family trips and resulting sales of my new polymer clay pieces have taught me that I absolutely must be able to show my work personally and interact with my customers face-to-face. Sure, most of my sales in the past couple of months were to family, but these folks did ALL their Christmas shopping from my box of wares. If they were merely wishing to be supportive, surely they would have bought a single piece?

I've had my shop at Etsy.com for a couple of years now and it's been an interesting experience: on the one hand, I get very excited when someone I don't know from some other part of the country buys my work . On the other hand, WAITING for that person to find my shop is seriously frustrating.

Flower Pendants

My recent revelation is that it's time to participate regularly in craft shows again. For the past several months I've devoted my time to learning the polymer clay craft, finding my style, and making pieces that I find fun to do.

Now I need to take those lessons and find pieces that can be quickly created in multiples and are appealing to the eye. All these flower petal pieces shown here are relatively fast, fun to make, and popular.

Floral Brooches

I'm also going to be approaching buyers for boutiques, galleries and museum shops. Time to suck back a glass of wine for courage and start making calls!

The last issue for me is how do I sign my work? I found a nice initial "T" rubber stamp which works well for the larger pieces, but what about the small ones? Any ideas?

I'll keep my Etsy shop, but it won't be so fully stocked anymore. Any ideas you all have would be very welcome.

copyright 2010 Shibori Girl


Hazel Ward said...

Those petal pieces are beautiful. They certainly don't look simple to make, and they seem quite tactile, so I would think they would sell very well 'in person'.

Re: signing your work - can you carve a tiny 'T' in the same style into a small piece of polymer clay, bake it, and then take a negative of it with more polymer clay and bake that - resulting in a small stamp?

Christine said...

Those are polymer?? I love them all but the fairy blossom necklace is gorgeous!!I'm amazed..I don;t think I've seen anyone who quite works with the medium as you do. Seriously someone needs to offer you a book deal:)

I like your T stamp. I thought about doing the same with my dolls. I sign their leg with a permanent pen but I bought a bee stamp and other tiny metal stamps to try on their lower back. I like Hazels idea of making your own stamp.

rochambeau said...

Hi Kate,
ALL gorgeous, but especially the petal necklaces are amazing!!! Always you have a keen sense of detail and a delicate touch~

Beautiful work, bravo!

Alice Stroppel said...

Yeah, to craft show or not to craft show. It's really hard to decide. Shows are wonderful because when your product is good, you can make some serious money. However, wind, rain, sleet and snow, or I guess heat should be added, will make you think twice.

Did it for years and it's really hard work. But as you say, if people could only find us without us having to spend more time promoting than producing, life would really work well for us all.

Finding galleries and boutiques to showcase my work has been very helpful with sales. If people can just see the work, it sells.

So a combination of all things seem to be the answer, ah but there is still the time thing...

shibori girl said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Alice.

I long ago decided never to do outdoor shows. Way back when, I was selling fabric goods and the thought of somebody coming through my booth straight from the chili cook-off, or with their dogs, put the fear of God in me.

Stores, boutiques, galleries... that's definitely the way to go. But I do enjoy the show experience.

Still pondering what to do.


Terri said...

Oh Kate the necklaces are gorgeous!!!!