Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let The Competition Begin!

It's taken me three intense weeks to complete my competition piece. During this time I've learned a tremendous amount about how to plan, and execute, a design. I've mentioned before that I don't like to start with a plan. I like the element of surprise at the end, where I look at the final results of my labors and say, "Well, I didn't see THAT coming!".

In this case, however, stakes are high, and I wanted to be sure of my results. The careful planning paid off, Big Time.

Even Marble Man looked at it and said it was amazing, and the best piece I've done to date. High praise, indeed.

With this project, I used up a significant portion of my bead stash - beads I liked but didn't have a plan to use when I bought them - I just liked them at the time. They've remained in their drawers, waiting to be counted each year at tax time. Those troublesome beads went together quite beautifully, and I'm so happy with the results.

I have so much time left until the entry deadline that I'm thinking now I'll make a presentation box for it, something lined with velvet for the potential owner to store the necklace. Now that my work is done with this project, it's up to the judges to decide if it's good enough for the auction. *crossing fingers*

BTW, if you are interested in what my inspiration for this piece was, I found some images online of Afghani kuchi tribal bellydancer jewelry:

It was great fun to translate the silver work into colorful beading.

copyright 2010 Shibori Girl


Lysa said...

just magnificent Katie! i like those beads at the end of the fringe - acorn like. very different. the colors, and the focal pieces . . . just love it! ♥

Robin said...

That is stunning Kate, you've outdone yourself.

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Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Kate,

Thanks so much for visiting me and kind comments!

Wow! This piece is stunning! I really wish you good luck!

~ Gabriela ~

Perlenzauberin said...

Hui! Ich bin verliebt, verliebt, verliebt, verliebt!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I can't imagine that is would not be 'good enough'. It's stunning and I think a beautiful box would really set it off.


Karen Cole said...

Holy Moly woman!!!!!
Your piece is extraordinary. I can't believe I haven't been here for so long. You are incredible. Your pieces just beautiful.

I am so grateful that you stopped by.


Cheryl's Jewelry Minute said...


Peregrine Beader said...

Love it! It turned out so beautifully - thanks for sharing the creative process with us as you went along!

rochambeau said...

Every time!! You just continue to excel and blow my mind! This is another masterpiece to add to your list of beautiful creations Kate!



LW said...

This piece took my breath away and that is not an exaggeration.
Fabulous absolutely fabulous.


SharDon Exclusives said...

This art piece is a winner no matter what "they" say! What gorgeous work and beautiful colors. GREAT PIECE! I know you are proud of it...it must have taken days or even weeks to complete.

Fete et Fleur said...

Words fail me, Kate. Seriously, incredible, amazing, outstanding, beautiful, gorgeous. OK maybe I did find some words.


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

This is splendid! Your jury will be blown away, and if not, something is wrong in the world. The subtlety of your colors and beauty fo the shapes is just wonderful. Good luck, and don't forget to let us see the box!