Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beginnings... and Surprise Endings

Some folks have asked me to explain what inspires me at the beginning of a project. Is it a specific color? A particular bead? A "light bulb" moment in the shower? Well, my answer is "yes": all of the above, though the moment of inspiration varies from project to project.

This past week, I chose to use some mottled blue jade teardrops I bought at the last bead show. When I first saw them, my brain fritzed and short-circuited. They were beautiful - and a whole strand of them together, well, it was A Moment. I brought them home and didn't do anything with them, that is, until now. My plan was to make bead embroidered earrings. Oh, they would be spec-TAC-ular!

I finished the first one and it was apparent they were to big for earrings. I made the second, since the stone was already glued down.

When finished, I laid it next to the first piece, and realization hit me like a brick - these would be great strung together. Good thing I'd glued more of the jade stones down!

To soften the final piece, I wanted to make smaller elements to place between the jade medallions. I have some mother-of-pearl coin beads in a very soft blue. Perfect! I made a pretty round piece, and when I put it between the two jade elements, my reaction was, "Uh.... no."

Didn't really like the stark white seed beads in there and, again, too big.

I tried again, but kept it even simpler, and "Hazzah!" Just what I was looking for.

A few hours later, I had enough pieces to arrange the final layout.

Satisfied, I used freshwater pearls to attach everything together. The finished result, 18 hours after I started, is romantic, soft, and very elegant. Do you think it's too late to see if Kate Middleton might want it for her Big Day???

Oh, and don't worry... that medallion I decided not to use gets to shine in it's own piece as a simple pendant.

copyright 2010 Shibori Girl


Rose Clearfield said...

It's amazing how inspiration can get us to our final results. Gorgeous piece!

Robin said...

Absolutely stunning. You never fail to amaze me my friend.

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Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Kate,

This piece is fabulous! Love the colours. And...if Kate doesn't want to wear it...there are other Princesses out there who would be honored.

~ Gabriela ~

Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

Gorgeous necklace--and a fascinating process! Thanks for sharing, Kate :) It is funny how projects can take on a life of their own--I've had many that I was certain were going to turn out one way and then turned out very differently!

rochambeau said...

I like how your mind thinks! This necklace is a masterpiece, another!!
Hope you had a happy Easter!!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

It's beautiful Kate! And I thnk 18hours was pretty fast, all things considered. And Kate Middleton would look lovely in it!!!

Enchanted Beads said...

I love your work and this necklace is gorgeous!


Later Than We Think said...

Wow just Wow Kate

Callie Mitchell said...

Beautiful, Kate!

doro said...

you should have asked Kate Middleton - she didn't wear any necklace at all!

you've done a great job, thankx for sharing,


LW said...



Unknown said...

Stunning!!! And so great to see this process! :) Love it, Kate!