Friday, May 23, 2008


Suzette in photo booth having her portrait taken

Last night, as we walked Pooch for his evening Business Trip, Marble Man noticed a box on the porch. The UPS driver often doesn't ring the doorbell when he delivers a package, so I was surprised to find there was something up there. The label told me it was from my friend, Constance, from Rochambeau: an amazing creator of beautiful handbags. I opened up the box, and lost my breath when I found inside one of her gorgeous floralina doll purses! She has a hidden zipper in the back of her skirt, and a little beveled mirror inside. Looks like I need to talk Marble Man into taking me out on the town so I can get all girlied up and take Suzette out to show her off!

Thank you, dear friend. I'm on my way to being a Rochambeau collector!

Lelani at rest


rochambeau said...

Dear Kate!!
So glad you like Susette and that Lelani has a buddy to hang out with!
I am so enjoying the books and the ribbons you sent me. Thank you!
I was emailing you this morning when my email went on the fritz!! Do know when I will be back on board just so you know!

rochambeau said...

Meant DO NOT KNOW when!!