Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Really Slow Learning Curve...

...and an obsessive attention to detail means I spend most of each day thinking of ways to improve my listings.

At first, I shot pieces on plaster mannequins. The display forms stay where you put them, don't chew gum, talk, or play with their hair while I'm pointing the camera at them. After experimenting, I found the best time of day for optimum daylight, the best room to use, etc. And I took an insane number of pictures.

Now to publish. I was happy with the individual pictures. But, as a whole, apparently people felt they're boring: row after row of white mannequins. The only thing that changes is the piece they are wearing. Potential customers would veer away from my shop without interesting images.

*Sigh* They're right. After several days perusing other sites, I knew the direction I would take. I ransacked the house, collecting all the funky demitasses, plates, wine glasses, and other chtatchkas that would be useful and started again. MUUUUuuuuch better!


...and after shots of yellow turquoise earrings


Last weekend, Dear Ya-ya Debbie, came over to model my yummy silk scarves (Stock whose pictures badly needed spicing up). She did an amazing job. What a creative mind!

before and after shots of a scarflet


a beautiful scarf becomes a chic belt


a chiffon scarf becomes a floaty little overskirt


Debbie modeled for a couple of hours on Saturday. There were MANY pieces still to photograph after she left, so I thought of other ways to hook people into viewing. I raided my shoe collection for some sexy little numbers. Artful draping, crazy gorgeous shoes, result: a high "wow" factor.

My favorite pair of beaded and ruffled taffeta shoes
are a fab display base


quilted violet suede and patent leather:
a great contrast to blue


Debbie hard at work

FINALLY! Time to goof off a little


rochambeau said...

Dear Shibori Girl,
I admire you for your perfectionism!
We're all on this learning curve with you! What you're doing is a little over my head. A friend set up an esty account for me a year and a half ago. It just sat. So you see what I admire you for creating your work, setting up the account, taking the photos, describing them, etc. etc.
Yaya Debbie is a good model. Looks like you have fun together!

La Alicia said...

you make lovely things!