Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Challenge of Earrings

I've discovered through my Etsy experience that people are mostly interested in earrings right now. I guess it's 'cuz they're in that affordable "under $30" price range. The trouble is, I find earrings the most difficult to make, not because they are technically difficult (although they can be), but because they are so small, creatively they are a challenge. Each bead's relationship to the others is so important. How do you make a beautiful pair that will not overwhelm the wearer ("Hey! Look at those earrings wearing that person!"), but not so skimpy as to be uninteresting or cheap-looking? Quite the conundrum.

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I made this first pair using carnelian beads throughout the design. I loved the different sizes and shapes of the different beads. By using all the same color, I could concentrate the viewer's eye on the large oval bead and use the smaller rounds beads to complement that oval. But when I showed them to Marble Man, he piped up and said they needed contrast.

I changed out the larger round bead for a black porcelain one, and "POP"! The earrings came alive. I still like the all-red ones, and have them listed for sale. I will list the red and black pair tomorrow.

To satisfy demand, I'll make more earrings, but I still enjoy creating necklaces the most. I make those to feed my soul.

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rochambeau said...

Dear Shibori Girl,
I LEFT you a comment!! I thought is went through, I'm trying again.
Thank you for an excellent tea party, one that includes flowered sugared cubes, how elegant!

Isn't it fun to makes the rounds?
Isn't Vanessa colorful and wonderful?

Love your pretty earbobs!