Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting Ready For the Show

My new earring card adapters arrived in the mail yesterday and they were just the ticket! The ugly frame is painted gold, the foamcore insert is finished and installed with the ribbons tacked on at regular intervals. The adapters are now on the cards, and the whole thing looks exactly like I had envisioned it would:


I bought some beautiful green and metallic gold silk organza to cover my table surface, as well as a gorgeous piece of chocolate brown silk taffeta embroidered with gold thread to use as an accent piece.


The necklace display easels are here, and I've done a practice display on the dining room table, using various cardboard boxes to build up a staggered height display.

I'd like to design something that'll transport easily and be more stable than stacked boxes, bricks maybe? All that's left is to find some nice small clip-on lights for highlighting displays, then I'm good to go.

My annoying habit of over-thinking things and tweaking details to death is something I strive to overcome. Here's hoping that this is all the planning I need to do for this little 7 hour show!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

The thing about us overthinkers -while we may tire ourselves miserably(and those around us) the end result is always something to behold! I wish you much success, Kate!

Terri said...

Oh Kate I love your earring display!! I know how hard displaying them can be. Good luck I hope you make out well!!


somepinkflowers said...


you are the best!


you have successfully
but ~the building~
where the show is
and ~the CAR~
to get you there.

carry on, missy, great job...

{{ you are such the pro }}

KathrynAntyr said...

That frame and your cards look so smart. I think your illustration idea is brilliant as it will pull the viewer in. Love the organza. It is so lovely. You are a class act. Your over thinking will definitely pay off. I can't wait to hear about the results.

xoxo k

mgu said...

Best luck!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks fantastic~very professional :) In my opinion it's better or over think than get there and not be prepared for the unexpected!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I think the frame earring display came out BEAUTIFULLY! Much, much success & may you be blessed with meeting some wonderful souls, too. :)