Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Got the "Bug Eyes"

So, there I was two nights ago, minding my own business, dreaming my Johnny-Depp-is-dripping-with-melted-chocolate dreams, when I awoke around 3 AM and found Pooch tangled in the bedclothes, struggling to find his way out. In the process of helping him come up for air, he reared his hard little head straight back and popped me in the right eye. It was completely dark in the room, but I saw a large, and very bright, flash of yellow light, right before I saw little cartoon birds flying and chirping around my head. "Owww!" Of course, the little turkey went right back to sleep, while I lay back with my eye tearing up.

In the morning I checked my peepers in the mirror and imagine my relief when everything looked fine - no big shiner, no swelling, or red spots. But later on in the day I started seeing a great big old floater: back and forth, forth and back.... Then, today, as I watched the same floater tripping around in my sight line, I saw shimmering halos of light had been added to the show. NOW I'm more than a little bit freaked out; I'm seeing psychedelic light shows, and I didn't do anything fun to get them!

I called the optometrist's office to explain what was going on. The receptionist said "How soon can you get here? We need to see you ASAP." Wow. Way to reassure a girl! I got to the office at lunchtime. After shining a light with the intensity of a thousand hot suns in my eye, the doctor spoke the words I wanted to hear: "No retinal detachment", which had been my first concern. "Whew!" Then she said I have a vitreous detachment, which is not immediately worrisome, but possibly can turn serious later on. I have one in my other eye which I've learned to ignore over the years. Now I have a matched pair. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I have the bug eyes from all the drops and stains the doctor hit me with. I'm DEFINITELY not looking my best!

Oh Happy Day! It could have been much worse, I know. And I have a light show to keep me entertained when I'm bored. :-)


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Well, I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious. Those pictures are very funny, by the way!

mgu said...

Hope you get better!
all the best!

somepinkflowers said...

i know this seems strange


you ARE so creative
and pleasantly *UP*

all the time
it seems

the vitreous detachment...
by that i mean use your trippy eyesight
to create some
drop*dead jewelry,
why don't cha?

you know amazing color combinations
and shapes
it will ALL look like that anyway
to you for a while.

are you having trouble seeing
the little bead holes? hope not...
i just thought of that....
{{ maybe you should just rest
in the dark and dream of Johnny D }}

ErinT Fashion Accessories said...

Oh no! Good thing it wasn't more serious though!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that does not sound like an adventure of the fun sort ... may your vitreous spontaneously reattach! ... now, Johnny Depp and chocolate ... that's my kind of adventure!

ps - is that a real critter in the bottom pic? if yes, uh, what is it?

Terri said...

Kate, Great pictures to go with your story, glad you are ok..

Kelly said...

Wow! Sorry to hear the troubles but I always appreciate it becoming a funny story! Take care of yourself! :o)

Christie said...

Gee, you'll do anything to get attention! That Oscar is really pushing his luck...! Heal fast -