Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will it be the Democratic Voice of Reason, or Political Hysteria?

I'm planning to avoid the tv today, gnawing my fingers down to bone, as I await the day's election results. I just can't bear watch all the "news folks" pretend to know what's going to happen. I'll find out tonight after all the votes have been counted. It's been a long time coming, and I have real trepidation regarding the final outcome.

I'm an unabashed Obama supporter for a number of reasons, but unlike much of what I've heard from others, I don't harbor "hatred" for McCain (I can't say the same for McCain's running mate, however). I think these are two admirable men who love their country, who have strong opinions as to what this country needs. It's the manner in which they have pursued their goals that sets them apart.

I appreciate the way Obama settled on his message and kept a cool and reassuring head while delivering that message. He met the various criticisms and issues that came up during his campaign with grace, a positive attitude, and a willingness to actually listen to people. Throughout the campaign he presented a confident and relaxed demeanor. His plans for fixing the Nation's ills sound reasonable. Yes, it will be expensive, but worth it if we see improvements. Throughout the journey to this very day, Obama has treated us all as adults as he answers questions, be they relevant or not. What a refreshing change from the past 8 years of condescension and hysteria from the White House!

While I like McCain: the man OK, I do NOT like McCain: the candidate - I think his solutions for our current troubles will ultimately bankrupt our nation. He has been a hysterical and cynical, diva-like campaigner, lurching from one position to another as he panders for votes. His campaign has been toxic with it's negativity and has nearly incited riots, which he did little to contain. He has proven his intent on winning the presidency at all costs, at the expense of the truth. His choice of running mate was stupid and, I think, also cynical. He chose someone religious-right males would find desireable, and someone he hoped disgruntled Clinton supporters would go for just to get a woman in office. The fact that Palin is ignorant of all the major issues, and doesn't understand the Constitutional parameters of the job for which she's applying, McCain feels is irrelevant. Nor does she seem to CARE about the legal definition of the Vice Presidential responsibilities! I find her frightening, as well as repellent.

All this "religious right" talk really pisses me off. We are the ONLY nation on earth that was born from an idea: The idea that all men and women have the right to believe as they wish. Or not. But this intrusion of rabid born-again Christianity into our political scene is like a cancer, threatening to eat away at all the hard work our Founding Fathers did those many years ago. If you really look hard at what happened with fundamentalism in the Middle East, you'll see the same thing is happening here under the guise of "right-wing conservatism". Please, people, WAKE UP!!! The Founding Fathers instituted the concept of Separation of Church and State for a good reason: the two institutions are not compatible with a free-thinking, democratic society.

The silver lining for this particular political cloud is how energized we all seem to be this time around. I hope you all will exercise your right, no... your civic duty, to vote. Whether it's raining, snowing, sunny, or you woke up today and just don't feel like it,... please, your vote matters. Think of it this way, if you decide not to vote, you have no right to complain about the outcome for the next four years. Personally, I prefer to keep that option open.

PS: Marble Man just clued me in to another site which echoes some of my views here. Just in case you want to check it out.

PPS: Sis-in-Law, Paula just clued me in to an article about McCain if you are interested.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

..."this intrusion of rabid born-again Christianity into our political scene is like a cancer, threatening to undo all the hard work our founding fathers did"...

In a nutshell. I spoke with my 83 year old southern grandma today and even she voiced her concerns about the piety of politics. "Sanctified sinners," she called them as she added that they do not fool her! Let's hope for the best.

KathrynAntyr said...

I am not a political animal and I avoid discussions about politics as I find it all so upsetting.

I am so happy that Obama is our president! I would have been deeply worried about our country if he had not won.

Hope has been restored in the land!

Thanks for swinging by my blog. I've been having fun with the Soul Journal prompts and all of the recent blog parties.

Christine said...

Well said Kate! Especially regarding the religious right. I grew up conservative Baptist and have relatives who would best be served with a Democrat in the White House but who vote for the right because they believe that the party has their interests at heart. They don't believe in a women being president and probably cant see anyone other than a white man as President.. I think a lack of education and mixing religion with politics is a scary thing indeed.
I'm so happy for this result..just hope Barak lives up to his promises :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said.

anna l'americana