Thursday, November 06, 2008

Whew! THAT'S over. Now, get back to work!

Election Fever has past (more like Election Infection!). I'm so relieved. Now, I can get back to planning my space at the church show. It's coming fast (November 22-23) and I've gotta line up all my ducks. My table set-up is done, I found some fabulous display spotlights, my inventory is made, priced, and ready. I've been making earrings and bracelets to build up my lower-end price range merchandise (and I really enjoy creating them). All that's left to do now is find a couple of extra bodies with eagle eyes to help me man the space, and I'm golden.

I mentioned in my travel post that I brought home some great new beads. I used a bunch of them in this new bracelet. I began with a single spiral rope as the base, then added a profusion of acrylic and glass flowers. I'm very happy with the final product - it isn't very heavy to wear, and it jangles nicely.

I love doing shows. I've heard from many other artists that they "hate" the selling part of the business, but I really do enjoy it. The people I meet are interesting - even the cranky ones, and the "art of the sale" is great fun. The last show I did was back in 2005, when I injured my hand so badly. I've missed it a lot, so I'm grateful for this opportunity to do a small one. I can dip my toe back into the water with very low risk. It's coming soon!


Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Kate! I feel the same way. I'm so ready to move on. It feels as if we've been at a stand still this entire year. The new bracelet is stunning! I love all the intricate details. I hope your beautiful pieces are a hit at the show.




I love these new beads, they are fantastic!

~ Gabriela ~

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aren't you relieved?! I'm SO over the process. I just told my husband this election felt laborious, now I'm ready to get on with things!

I will do my first show in December and I am already a bit anxious...I'm so much more sparkly on the internet. Humans are just not my favorite thing to do. I hope there are pets and kids-they provide a pleasant distraction! Good luck with yours, not that you'll need it your beadwork is amazing!

Terri said...

Hi Kate, this is absolutely breathtaking! What a wonderful job you did, the colors blend so beautiful together.

Good luck at your upcoming show!


3rdEyeMuse said...

wow! the new bracelet is lovely! I hope you have a FABULOUS show & can't wait to hear all about it. :)

MGU said...

Fab work. Best of luck for the show!

rochambeau said...

What a beautiful bracelet Shibori Girl! Truly stunning. Looks like candies to me. Like you, I liked doing shoes however it is lots of work that most people will never know unless they have been a "show girl" before.
That was a wise move to make the less expensive jewelry. I know you are going to do well!! Your work is impeccable!!