Monday, March 16, 2009

Through the Magnifying Glass...

In May, I'm coming up on the birthday marked by the arrival of my first issue of this. I'm acutely aware of the changes in my eyesight, and it's NOT for the better (especially after this happened). Several people speculated about the condition of my eyes after reading my recent beading posts. I thought I'd show you way I work when I do the intricate seed bead weaving.

When I work with those teeny weensy little beads, I wear my work station glasses with the high powered reading prescription

and I use the magnifier I bought at a flea market in Raleigh, NC... the best $8.00 I ever spent!

I'd rather have one of those fancy magnifiers with a light attached, but they're way more expensive than the flea market model I found last year. So, I'll make due with another light over my shoulder.

Whenever I'm in the studio, I pay attention to posture. With a chronically painful lower back, it's easy to get caught up in the work and start slouching. I can pay for that for days afterward with discomfort in every position. So, I sit straight up, feet on the floor, and take frequent breaks to stretch.

Lastly, I hook myself up to my all-important ipod. "What's on it", you ask? Click on the player in the right sidebar to get a small sample list. If Apple ever comes out with a version that's permanently implanted in the brain, I'm gonna be first in line for beta testing! I can't work without good music for company.

Yours in beads,

16 comments: said...

Hi there sweet Miss Kate!!

WHen I used to bead everyday for over ten years, I could tell my eyesight getting os bad. Then I just kind of stopped. and my eyesight bounced back - but if I ever take it up again, I am doing it your way! Posture and all!!

I love seeing you workspace and lovely you!!! xoxo, V

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Kate I feel your pain. I am not faring any better either. Magnifying glasses are a must. But girl you look good and healthy and that's all that really counts

Christine said...

That's a nice picture of you! I do not know how you can work that small. The few minutes I work with seed beads I kind of get irritable and I'm generally a patient person. So I appreciate the time it takes to make your intricate work.
I feel my eyesight slipping a little from my usual 20/15. My mom said that would happen around 40 which is just a year + away. I've been thinking about getting a magnifier for when I paint my dolls faces..thanks for the reminder:)
Have a wonderfully creative week!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

You look fabulous! We get AARP and I'm not sure why, I think it may have been part of our vacation club package or something, but Joe and I sit together dreaming of old age and retirement communities (read: the kids moving out).

Your beadwork captivates me, and it really looks like such a relaxing art form, I just can't get past the time and dedication it must entail. I'd have a workspace filled with incomplete projects. I'm a planner and a thinker but when the doing part starts I get bored, tired,achy angry, very quickly.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

PS love the new widget-I need it!

Fete et Fleur said...

You look lovely there amongst all your pretty beads. I wanted to let you know that the glue I settled on for the silk was Alene's Tacky Glue! I can't believe it, but this worked the best! I'm very careful not to press to hard, a light tap is all the silk need to adhere. I also apply the glue to the base with a brush and make sure it isn't to wet.


3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you so much for the glimpse of you at work and the tools that you use. I'm thinking that a magnifier (of the flea market variety) ... I could use the advise of remembering my posture when creating ... time to start practicing. :)

lori vliegen said...

look at cute little you sitting there working on your masterpieces! you are adorable...and i wouldn't put too much thought into the AARP thing...i heard that they've pushed the minimum age back again, so we all qualify (kinda like the senior coffee plan at mcdonald's)! i personally am looking forward to my first copy of the magazine (and hoping for the are too much!). i love your magnifier and especially love your ipod brain implant idea...i wonder if somehow we could combine the two? :)

Isabel said...

So, THIS is how the MAGIC is created!

Healthy Posture, Plenty of Light, and Great Music on St. Patrick's Day! said...

Back again ;)

Happy St. Paddy's day lovely Miss Kate!!! I saved you a four leaf clover, I did I did ;) ;)

Snap said...


Loved seeing where you bead ... such beautiful things come from this space. I understand the magnifying glasses. I have a pair of *reading glasses* (I won't tell the magnification on them) in almost every room. My bad back send hugs to your bad back!

ostrich girl said...

Hey Kate I don't know how you missed it either! You can still see all of Lisa's fun stuff if you click on the carnival badge!
I am going to have a little give away soon so don't forget to check back! xoxo Sheri DeBow

somepinkflowers said...


THAT is how you do it!


you are
so neatly put together
with your little bead bowls...


i am all
over the kitchen table.
my Oreck XL 21 has
its own bead collection...

Gabriela said...

Hello Kate,

I really like your sense of humor and your approach to life.
You look very sharp in your studio, a great photo.

Thanks for letting us in for a visit.

~ Gabriela ~

High Desert Diva said...

Kudos to you. I couldn't work with all those tiny beads, magnifier or not.

Jewllori by Lori said...

I love your first song Kate! That is one of my top faves too!!

I also wear magnifying glasses to bead, that is too funny! Since having children, my fine motor skills seemed to have been stringing beads etc. So I use those reading glasses(manifying) and they seem to really help, those yours look cuter than mine do!!

p.s. Thanks for the comment on my post about Ross...thanks for the encouragement :) You're the best!