Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Work, Surprises, And An Introduction

For a while now, I've been meaning to write a post to introduce the OTHER Shiborigirl, and this seems like a great time to do it. A few times in the past people have emailed me about comments left under the name shibori girl on my blog posts, thinking it was me who wrote them. But not so...

Glennis Dolce is the owner of Shibori Girl Studios in Long Beach, CA. Apparently we have parallel blogs: I'm on Blogspot and she's at Wordpress. I introduced myself to Glennis during the One World One Heart event last winter, and I was a little nervous, afraid that she'd think I was stomping on her patch. Luckily, she thought it was funny that we had the same internet name and we seem to get along great. We've had some time to get to know each other a little on Facebook, and I'm a true fan of her work. Take a stroll through her shop when you've got some time, or check out her blog.

As well, she's got some videos on youtube where she demonstrates her dye process at a show, and her flickr account shows her beautiful shibori ribbon flowers.

Last month, I posted pictures on Facebook of my new woven beaded beads, and Glennis wrote that she thought I should string them onto some of her silk shibori ribbons. She sent me two yards of ribbons, one yard each of two different colorways, and I am in love!

Gorgeous, shimmery, saturated colors and crisp, tight pleats.

Oh boy, I'm gonna enjoy incorporating this into future pieces. And when I put my newest beaded bead onto the pink and purple piece:

Hazzah... perfection! I still have to work out how to finish off the ends and put a clasp on and then we'll be golden.

Thank you so much, Glennis.
Now, I think I heard you ask, "How did Kate make that beautiful bead?" OK, I'll show you...

First, I made a tubular base structure using the right-angle weave method. The barrel shape of the bead is achieved by using three different bead sizes ranging smallest-to-largest-to-smallest.

Then, I embellished this tubular base with several rows of decorative beads, interlocking the rows for strength and beauty.

As a last touch on this particular bead, I added some chartreuse green seed beads for a surprise hint of color. Start to finish, one of these beauties takes at least two hours to complete - some as long as three hours!

Sorry folks, this bead has already sold, but stay tuned to my Etsy shop for new additions coming soon...

There's something so cool about making things I love (beads) from the things I love (BEADS!).
Update 9/6/09

I read Glennis' comment on this post this morning and got to work finishing that shibori ribbon necklace shown above.

I stitched the ribbon into a tube, turned it inside out, and finished the ends with silver caps.

I added a chain for adjustable length, and "voila!"...

... a beautiful, lightweight necklace. Thanks again, Glennis!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. What's Cooking Sunday posts will resume next weekend... still dealing with "vacation brain" here!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Twins! How fun! And WOW, what gorgeous ribbon... and beads... and beaded ribbon... you never fail to amaze me, Kate!

lori vliegen said...

wow....kate you just blow me away!! your beaded beads are magnificent!!! you are definitely a master artisan, girlfriend! and how nice that your shibori namesake created such a beautiful dyed ribbon for you to show off your handiwork! :))

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I know that I write this on every you are amazing...your talent is never-ending.

Anonymous said...

hey Kate- thanks for the feature! A couple of ways to use the ribbon-
you can stitch it into a tube (right sides together w/long running seam down the length-then turn it so the seam is to the inside). Melanie Doerman has an example of this in the summer issue of Belle Armoire. The other way is just how you have done it- simply string it through your bead. Recently, I have been fraying the edges of the ribbon to give it a different look- will post some pics soon. Your beads are beautiful!

Snap said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!Thanks for intro to the *other* girl.

Thanks, also, your visit to my place and your kind comments about our Rocky.


Dee said...

how funny about the two names and neat that the two of you have gotten to know one another.The ribbons are beautiful and compliment your work very well!

Gabriela said...

Hello Kate,

What a wonderful connection!
Love all these fabulous designs.

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

Talk about serendipity! When two Shibori girls get together, the world becomes an even more beautiful place! Lookit that incredible gorgeous worthy of being an heirloom necklace, i am swooning!!!

I have missed you Dearest Kate, and am glad to hear What's Cooking Sundays will resume, as we are starving! And FYI it has been proclaimed that bleu cheese coleslaw is the only slaw allowed in this house anymore!

Have a lovely day tooooo Ms Lovely Missy!!!!

Christine said...

There are no coincidences..that's for sure. Your pieces blended together are absolutely gorgeous!

Glad to see you're aback from vacation and doing well..pickled and all :)

LW said...

Oh how beautiful, the two are perfect together.
Your beading is exquisite…

Thank you for the links, I always enjoy finding wonderful new blogs and
art…those ribbon flowers are stunning.


rochambeau said...

Hey Kate,
Your bead, The other Shibori Girl's fabulous ribbons and your new necklace all a TEN! You Shibori girls sure know how to dye your silk! Glennis' pocket scarf on that man is dashing AND and her flowers are truly a word of art too!
Thanks for the intro!


Mixed Drink Recipes said...


a fanciful twist said...

Now that is wonderful serendipity!! Look at those colors of hers, and that bead of yours!! Yummmmy!!! xoxo

Jules said...

Kate- I am writing an article on Glennis Dolce and wondered if I could use the photo of the necklace with the deep blue silk shibori and your beautiful bead if I give you credit and post your link in the article as the creator of the necklace/bead?
Please contact me at Thanks!

Isabel said...

I am always amazed how the world is so perfectly timed and things happen at their own rhythm and fit together so well.

Your beads, her ribbon...the masterpiece that seems to have been meant to exist all along and NOW!