Thursday, December 10, 2009

Renewed Energy, New Work

After the church Art For a Cause show last month, I've been flying high on the success I enjoyed during the short seven hours the show took place. I spent the week before the show tweaking my booth design and I think it turned out pretty darned great.

Right after the show, Marble Man and I headed up North for Thanksgiving, and a buying spree at my favorite bead shop. This shop is down the road from my mother's house, and I had the proceeds from the craft show burning a hole in my pocket. I just HAD to go.

While Marble Man resisted the urge to ask, "Do you REALLY need those?", I wandered through the store, which displays finished pieces next to the bead bins, guaranteeing sales. I picked up tubes and tubes of tiny little seed beads in sumptuous colors, Czech crystals in colors I'd never seen anywhere else, as well as some patterns for new bead creations.

Czech fire-polished crystals and faux pearls

My favorite so far is "Encased Crystal Beads" - a new version of the beaded bead. As I forked over the cash for the instructions, the saleswoman warned me these beads are highly addictive, and boy was she right!

Czech fire-polished crystals

I started out following the directions to the letter, and while the results are stunning, I decided to play with bead shape, size, and composition.

cherry quartz and rose quartz rondelles

I have several types of rondelles (flat, round beads) in crystal and stone. I used some of these as the core beads and found the resulting saucer-like shape quite pleasing. Varying the size of the core beads allowed for a larger central bead in the finished bead strand.

Two sizes of agate rondelles give the beads a smooth earthy look; crystals added to the sides lend sparkle.

For sure, I'm addicted. These beaded beads are really fast to make, and that quick fix keeps me going bead after bead.

I've got three new necklaces listed for sale in my Esty shop:

Click the above pictures to see individual listings.
And now a question for those of you who've had pictures lifted from your blog posts. A while ago I signed up for Tynt Insight, which is a blog service to track when blog content is copied. In many cases, they are able to insert a credit and a link back to the original blog in the place my content is copied to, but sometimes they can't.

They also only tell me that content has been copied, but not where it's winding up or how it's being used. So far, they tracked 20 images copied from my site, as well as one entire post! As a result, I've started adding a signature to my pictures, but I'm not happy about it. I could use some really honest feedback about how you like the signatures. Are they intrusive, or are you able to see past them? Do you have any alternate suggestions for what I can do?


copyright 2009 Shibori Girl


Lysa Flemming said...

your work is so beautiful Kate! i scoured your photos, and to tell you the truth i never even saw your signature until i reached the bottom of the blog, and read your comment about it. i think that i've gotten so used to seeing it on other sights - that i don't even notice it anymore. when i looked at your pics the 2nd time, and then saw the signature i said,oh yeah, its kinda in the way huh. i do see your concern about it.

how is your mom? and . . . how is the home town doing?

: ) Lysa

Snap said...

I love the new necklaces -- stunning. Your signature doesn't bother me at all. Guess I'm used to seeing photos signed everywhere and would probably sign mine if I was in the business.

lori vliegen said...

well, this is certainly an addiction worth having.....your beadwork is STUN-NING kate!!! and i'm so happy for you that your show was so successful that you were able to buy more beads!! and i totally definitely needed them, no question about it!!

i'm glad to see that you're putting credit on your photos, but i'll admit that on some of them, i found it difficult to actually see the exquisiteness of your work. i wonder if maybe your signature were a bit lighter? thanks for offering the link......i've stumbled upon several of my images that were lifted so i'm going to check this out! hugs, :))

High Desert Diva said...

Your new designs are stunning! I can see why you like this so much. Wow!

As far as the photos/copyright...It is hard to see the detail past the watermark, but I'm not sure what else you can do about it.

As a test, I dragged one of your photos off (I have a Mac) to see if the service you are using can track us Mac users. Anything?

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Your jewelry designs always leave me in awe...and your space at the show looks wonderful.

LW said...

I love your new beading work…
The colors are wonderful.

The signature is fine.
I think it is important to ID your work.
But I must apologize because I think I am one of those that
did copy a picture from your etsy store.

I gave it to my hubby because I have my eye on one of your necklaces and I put it on
my wish list…


shibori girl said...

Oh, Louise, no need to apologize for that!! :)


Mortira said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been robbed! The internet can be such a cold place sometimes.
I didn't even notice the watermarks on your photos until I read your last paragraph. So many people use them that I think a lot of viewers are just trained to overlook them.

One way to protect your written content (particularly from automated thievery) is to include a link to your blog in every post.

Gorgeous beads, by the way!

Stephanie said...

These pieces are stunning!

I am not bothered by your signature and I think it's a very smart thing to do. I wonder how you found out that your images were being used, did you stumble on it?

rochambeau said...

So HAPPY you had a great show. You so deserve it. YES to using your signature on your work. I must start doing that again too!!
Hope your Christmas season is happy today Kate!!


rochambeau said...

Your new work is stunning!

Isabel said...

Lovely lovely pieces. I am sure you will sell them all. Your work is beautiful. I am sorry I missed you at Thanksgiving :(, I would have loved to visit the beads store with you). Next time you come visit, you definitely must get together!!!!!