Thursday, April 29, 2010

Polymer Clay Cuff... Take Two


After the Great Bracelet Debacle last week, I tried again and implemented my plan to add a layer of translucent clay BEFORE laying in the floral components. So much better - no air pockets. After baking, I glued the clay to the brass cuff. This was the first time I've ever used Super Glue, and I proceeded to glue my fingers together. Sheesh. My learning curve appears to be long and slow. *sigh*

I still had a bunch of sanding to do. I love the clay when it feels silky smooth, so I sanded like crazy to even out the overall surface. In the process, I sanded right through a wing of the butterfly. Crap! After stomping through the house for 30 minutes in a fit, I went to the studio to see what I could do to fix it. I baked another butterfly all by itself, then glued it over the damaged area of the bracelet. I left it as a bas relief and I like the final result.

Now a plea for ideas:

I'm stuck with this new pendant. I feel it needs something but can't figure out what. Maybe some metallic gold feathers between the bail and the top of the landscape motif?? What would YOU do with it?

I really do want ideas, so put your thinking caps on. :) Thanks!

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I love your pendant but would like to see a butterfly up in the blue area coming down to sit on the flowers. Your butterflies are beautiful.

surfingcat said...

That was good thinking patching your sanding problem. I hate it when that happens, I am working on making my slices more even and my final suface flatter before baking to try and cure that.

Hey I used to work with super glue all the time (in an old job in scientific research) and I still glue my fingers together/to what I am gluing so don't fret about that (as long as yo uhave got them apart now that is!)

On first sight I didn't think your pendant needed anything, love the turquoise and the brown together. After looking at it a while I agree it would benefit from a little something more. Bonnie may be right with the butterfly. If it was me I would try gently laying some different things on to see how they look as long as your clay isn't too sticky. let us know what you do decide.

Alice Stroppel said...

I see that you are like me in many ways, you keep trying and you and glue are dangerous together. I got glue under my thumbnail and now my nail will never be able to grow....*g*

The Bracelet is beautiful.

Gabriela said...

Hello Kate,

Love this cuff! It's stunning!

~ Gabriela ~


Kate, thanks for you kind words about Annie. She belonged to one of my dear friends but I spent a lot of time with her. I held her a lot before she died, she just couldn't fight it. At least she had 4 months of real love and caring in her life before it ended. Nothing that little and sweet should ever have to suffer.

Fete et Fleur said...

LOVE YOUR BRACELET!! That butterfly just stole my heart. I think a butterfly would be perfect on this too.


rochambeau said...

Dear Kate,
I've been dreaming of your bracelet and thinking about this clear polymer clay medium. Did you buy your clear online? Do you think it would look good on doll heads? Do you think it would adhere to other things that are not pmc and could take the heat? Metal for example? It is intriguing me.
Have a wonderful day.

lori vliegen said...

well, just when i thought your first cuff bracelet was a stunner, you come along and do this! sounds like your accident with the butterfly wing was a happy one (and as an extra bonus, you got to stomp around the house for thirty minutes yelling "crap"!). and just so you don't think i'm wimping out on ideas for your pendant....i personally like it just the way it is! maybe it's one of those pieces that need to be put away for a week, and then see what you think..... xox, :))

NickiSyx said...

You need to texture the sky with a couple dots ad in blues white light purple
A sky would look like it's back a bit gives layer