Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanderlust Satisfied

Every few years, Marble Man and I get the itch to hop in the car and drive to some far-off point yet undiscovered by the two of us. When Pooch got so ill, we had to put that desire on the back burner because we couldn't travel together. Pooch has been gone a year now, and we spent the past couple of months planning our road trip. This was the challenge: we'd be gone 15 days, traveling in a two-seater convertible with a micro trunk. How to pack? We did it, but had to do laundry every three days.

My dear Uncle Tom requested a visit last year which we were unable to do. He was first on our list for this trip. We drove to Rochester, NY in time to see the lilacs in full bloom in Highland Park.... Gorgeous.

Since we were so close, we took a day trip to Niagara Falls. I was there as a teenager and Marble Man had never been, so it was a must-see destination.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Part 1

Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Part 2

American Falls (shot from Canadian side)

Man, that's a lot of water! This was surely the highlight of our trip.

The rest of our travels took place in the Northeast:
Poughkeepsie, NY
Riverton, CT
Scarsdale, NY
Hopewell, NJ
and we finished up in Philadelphia.

We visited many friends and family who haven't seen us in lots of years... it was great to see you all.

Since so many folks on our itinerary hadn't seen us in eons, I brought a box of my recent jewelry pieces to show. I had no idea I'd be selling pieces left and right! I feel like I littered the Northeast with sparklies. Now that Katie's Traveling Trunk Show is finished, I need to get into the studio to make more of everything. All the polymer cuff bracelets went, as did some of the clay tile bracelets and earrings, and more than half of my new polymer clay pendants! Thanks to everyone who bought pieces. I really did bring them just to show. :)

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Robin said...

How fun, you weren't too far from my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Rockland, just across the river from Scarsdale.

My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

lori vliegen said...

i'm so happy that you and marble man were able to sneak away for a couple of fun!! i've never been to niagra falls, but my parents honeymooned there a LONG time ago! congrats on selling your gorgeous goodies.....i'm not at all surprised that everyone wanted one!!! xox, :))

Snap said...

Glad you were finally able to take that road trip. Good for you! Sounds like the trip was fun and successful ... Traveling Katie's Road Show! YeeHaw!

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Way to go! What a fun trip ...enhanced, no doubt, by the beautiful sound of the cash register ringing :). Glad you got away and had fun. I'm envious of your visit to the land of lilacs. I loooove them.

Fete et Fleur said...

My heart has been longing to do the same. I get the same inkling to get on the rode and just . . . . drive . . .


rochambeau said...

Hi Kate,
Glad you and MM had a great road trip AND that you returned home with a heavy handbag!! Your cuffs are SO special. Your friends are lucky~

Thank you for sharing your lilac photo. The don't grow here.
What a gorgeous fragrance, lilac!