Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Total Package

I'm slated to do the Alternative Christmas Market show again at the United Church of Chapel Hill. The dates are November 20-21. If you are in the Raleigh-Durham area, I'd love for you to stop in and say, "Hey!". This will be my third consecutive year of participation in this event, and each year I try to spiff up my image a bit.

This time, it's business cards and packaging. I researched online regarding business card design for jewelry artists. All the advice said it was imperative to have a color picture of your work somewhere on your card. Otherwise, the card is simply a waste of paper. People need to have a picture to remind them of why they took your card in the first place.

This weekend I ditched my black-and-white, text only, business card model and went whole hog. Did you know that your local Staples copy center can do a bang-up job of printing business cards? I went with a larger quantity to bring the cost-per-card down significantly, and I also uploaded an image of my own design. For a nominal extra charge I opted for their premium card stock, and I have to say, the final results pretty much knocked my socks off.

For years I've wanted to offer some form of gift packaging at shows. I found some reasonably priced pillow boxes in two sizes, and made up some pretty labels. I've got LOADS of wired ribbons left over from my ribbon flower-making period. I've precut them to fit the two sizes of boxes, and I think the final result is very appealing.

Now all I need is the customers! :)

If you have any other ideas for presentation, I'd love to hear them.

copyright 2010 Shibori Girl


Robin said...

Everythingg looks great, really professional and full of your unique style. You're going to knock their socks off this year!

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Snap said...

YeeHaw!!!! Go get 'em!!!!!!

Emerald Window said...

Great article. I LOVE your gift boxes.

Unknown said...

love your business cards and the gift boxes are so nice;)

Faded Plains said...

I think your absolutely need to remind the customer why they took your card...and your biz card is perfect. I also love the idea that your going to offer gift packaging...great thinking!

rochambeau said...

Your packaging is perfection, like each thing you do Kate! Already thinking good thoughts for your show!!
Fed your fishies and they came to life!


metamor4sis said...

Excellent packaging for exceedingly excellent goodies to go into!

somepinkflowers said...

oh kate!

it has been such fun
to watch your growth
over here...


{{ i feel like i am
in the in*crowd!

to see how you have moved
from one little idea
and then expanded
and polished
so! }}

you are sure to have
a successful market.

it would be so fun
to just drop in
one year and surprise you..........

i dream
Large Dreams
of Luscious Free Time...

SharDon Exclusives said...

Your new card is lovely! It is all about presentation and I MUST find a more professional look. I have just been lazy and extremely busy...I MUST do that some day soon. Thank you for the "kick in the backside". I will put this on the top of my Nov. list of "to do's". Thanks,