Sunday, July 24, 2011

Repurposing and Reusing

When I was Shibori Girl (for real, that is), I had piles and piles of beautiful, streaky-patterned hand-dyed fabrics to transform into wearable art. Some were cotton, most were silk. The cottons were great fun because they could take some abuse in the dye process. I would dye them, color, over color, over color, until I went just a tad too far and they came out muddy. Then I'd pop them into the discharge dye bath to remove some of that color I worked so hard to put in. Here's a good example of that process:

my very favorite jacket modeled by my trainer, Maria

Absolute magic would occur. I had a basic idea, but didn't know exactly what the final result would be. I was always excited when I pulled a piece out of the pot.

I used a batch of my favorites, gold-and-purple-over-maroon cotton, to make some kimono-styled vests in a variety of sizes. I made three vests and, though they received positive reviews from customers in my booth, none sold. So they hang in the closet.

Fast-forward to today and my conundrum... My favorite handbag has no pockets. Silly, really, for someone who likes to be organized. Everything needs to be in its place. I dislike being one of those people who digs around in the bottom of their bag for a wallet, phone, or whatever, while impatient people wait in line behind them.

Today I took one of those pretty gold-purple-maroon vests and whacked it up to make myself a purse organizer. Kinda like the night before my wedding when I took scissors to the neckline of my dress because I didn't like it - but that's another story... My sewing skills are rusty, having lain dormant for years. After some false starts, I got a rhythm going, and now I have an organizer loaded with pockets.

I won't be keeping anyone waiting, foot a-tapping, while I reach for a wallet which is where it's supposed to be. The added bonus: I'll have the pleasure of seeing that wonderful shibori fabric every day.

copyright 2011 Shibori Girl


Therese's Treasures said...

What a smart idea for a re-purpose of some loved fabric.

Snap said...

YeeHaw!!!!! :D :D :D

SewWhatsNew said...

very gorgeous, as always. You need to keep your purse open to show it off.
Love it.

Stephanie said...

your fabrics are stunning!! what a great way to re-purpose so you can enjoy this every day.

lori vliegen said...

boy, are you ever brave cutting up such a gorgeous vest!! (of course, you could just tell people that you put the vest back in the discharge and left in in so long that it whittled down to this fabulous purse organizer!! heehee) but, wow.....the results are fantastic! i'd say your sewing skills are alive and well, kate!! xoxo

Rose Clearfield said...

The purse looks great! I love all of those little pockets!

Fete et Fleur said...

My hubby would love this. Whenever he goes into my purse for something he always gets frustrated. With pockets like these, he could find what he's looking for. Brilliant as always, Kate!


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Soooooo pretty Kate! And a great organizer to boot!

Melanie said...

Oh I need to TRY to make one of those organizers! I too hate swishing in the bottom of my bag for my wallet/keys/phone. The fabric is beautiful, and lovely that you'll have it with you each day.