Friday, April 05, 2013

Battle Ready and Rarin' To Go

Last summer I was honored to be asked to be a judge in the first Battle Of The Beadsmith, an international beading competition on Facebook. There were 80 worthy competitors and judging was challenging. Only one beader could win and sometimes the choice was painful. The winner wins nothing but bragging rights and the respect of beaders around the world. The winning piece is by Alla Maslennikova of Russia and is an amazing combination of design, beading skill and beauty.

2012 winner
This year, I was invited to be a competitor in The Battle Of The Beadsmith 2013. The event has expanded to include 192 beaders representing 40 countries. The competition is a series of tournament-styled mini-battles pitting two randomly selected artists against each other. Each pairing is judged and the winning piece moves onto the next round. At the end one piece, and its beader, is selected as the winner.

I was assigned my first round with Svetlana Hackl of Austria. Since the main purpose of this competition is to meet other beaders from around the world, I look forward to getting to know Svetlana.

I've been thinking about how to design my piece for months now. After seeing the intricacy of pieces from last year's competition I knew I would have to step far outside my comfort zone. I hope my entry will be a masterpiece, the culmination of all my experience, influenced by the works of other artists I admire. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post any photos of my work-in-progress until the deadline of June 1st, but I will try to post regularly to describe how the piece is coming together.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

copyright 2013 Shibori Girl


Lois Moon said...

I followed the Battle last year and am looking forward to hearing about and seeing your creation this year. I don't know how you judges did it last year...there were some difficult decisions!

Kate Tracton said...

Thanks Lois!

Yes, judging was truly hard last year, sometimes feeling like I was cutting off a limb when choosing between two pieces I thought should both move on, but knowing only one would survive.

I hope I make it past round 1 - that's my goal!


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Good luck to you Kate! I am a fan and I am sure you will make something to admire!! Enjoy the process. Happy beading!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Kate, your work is gorgeous, and whatever you create will be a worthy opponent in battle. I'm glad you joined the ranks for this year, and thankful it is not you I am up against in my first battle! Hugs and good luck to you!