Sunday, March 02, 2008

Beaded, Roped, and Tied

After a year of puppysitting our sick dog, I finally snapped and declared I'm taking back my life to a small degree. The only way the pooch is happy is when I am on the sofa, watching tv, and he is in my lap (or at least, off to my side). This makes it tough to get any work done.

I recently taught myself how to do a spiral rope bead weaving technique which is very do-able while sitting on the sofa with a dog in my lap. Yay! (I was starting to feel my brain slowly leaking out my eyeballs from watching so much television.) I use a tray in which I have all my little sushi dipping dishes full of beads. This sits on the sofa next to me within easy reach.

Now I'm heavily stocked with spiral ropes in beautiful colors. I need to get into the studio to put the finishing touches on, like clasps and pendants. After all these years of working as an artist I still have these narcissistic moments when I finish something. I drape it on a display and leave it out so I can look at it and admire while I finish up the next one. I can't help it - I work hard at what I do and take great pride in doing fine and delicate pieces.

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