Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is the Life

I am in the midst of a perfect moment in a perfect day.

The day started out with a visit from my Ya-ya's - the closest friends I have ever had. We drank coffee, schmoozed, and got caught up with all our news. We haven't been together in over a month so there was much to share over muffins and coffeecake.

When they left, I was over-caffeinated and took the dog for a mini walk. I was struck by the beauty of the day: The air was warm, very windy and full of birdsong. The daffodils, forsythia, and camellias are blooming, basking in the sunshine. Bluebirds and cardinals were at the birdbath. I felt like I'd just walked into a Disney movie. (For a moment I was afraid to look down in case I had unbeknownst acquired a princess gown and might suddenly burst into a trilling song.) I needed to take a moment to breathe and admire what was going on around me.

Now, hours later, here I sit in the den with the window open, listening to the wind and watching the pines swaying above. The dog gave up begging me to pick him up and went to sleep on the rug at my feet. He alternates between periods of snuffling and snoring, and currently chases dream rabbits with his entire body running, twitching and dream-barking. To tell you the truth I envy his ability to sleep with such abandon. Maybe I'll sign off now and join him in an afternoon nap.

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rochambeau said...

Hi Kate,
Glad you got to get together with the Yaya's! Sounds great!