Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Giveaway

On Saturday, August 9th, I'm being featured on the blog, Handmade Showcase , which includes an earring giveaway. There are contest rules which you can find there (the drawing will take place on August 23rd at midnight). Please do participate in the contest - I want these little beauties to go to a loving home.


Stacked vintage frosted white and lavender Lucite flower beads
Stacked antiqued brass bead caps
Swarovski crystals and sugalite rondelles
**Antiqued brass ear wires - will change to gold-filled if desired

Retail value $17.50


This week my time was consumed with retaking a bunch of photos with my spiffy new light box. I've found that black poster board makes a GREAT back sweep. With the bright lights it comes out a soft slate gray and shows off work to great advantage.


Part 2:

OK, OK, check this out you guys! I got some new toys in the form of acrylic risers in black and white. Look how FREAKING AWESOME these pictures came out!!



If I'm not careful, people are going to think I hired a professional photographer for these. I'm really liking this light box!


somepinkflowers said...


i had to let you know---->

i get great reviews
every time i wear YOUR earrings...

without fail!


i think
you must be the earring~queen,
or something.

rochambeau said...

YOUR lightbox and YOU are becoming great friends already!! Your photos look great!
Yes!! to what SPF says. I love your earrings and others do too!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! My lights arrive today and I didn't check the vendor feedback either.....I got so excited I just ordered them. I hate hearing this but.....I am hoping for the best! Thanks for posting it though!
*fingers crossed*

now on to your FABULOUS photos....they are outstanding!!!!
Your earrings are gorgeous....I'm thinking I will own some soon!!!

A Fanciful Twist said...

I loooove your lightbox phots!! And phoooey to the mean light people!! At least you got it working and you can take those incredible photos!!

Yay for a lightbox!! happy picture taking, woo hooooo!

3rdEyeMuse said...

those earrings are GORGEOUS. :) am sad I checked in too late ... boo hiss.

and your lightbox is really helping you turn out some stunning photos! well done. :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks, Kate ... you'd think a smart girl would have read the whole thing! :) will go back now and read the rules

OohLaLaura said...

Oh! Kate---your new light box looks great. I can't wait to set one up once I move into the studio. However, I think I'm going with white.

I will have to go sign up for those gorgeous earrings, too. The flower beads are so delicate---they remind me of a Tiffany piece.

Terri said...

OMG!!! Kate These pictures came out GREAT! Thanks for visiting my blog and I have linked you.


KathrynAntyr said...

Your bead work is amazing! I love the colors and the detailed work. That light box is really working out well. Sorry to hear about the defunct bulb. The great news is how well your constructed light box works!

I stopped over to the contest and weighed in on my favorite. It really is hard to pick one item. I posted a link in the comments there to your teal and purple fringe necklace. What lovely colors and amazing details!

I hope many people discover your work and place, lots, and lots, and lots of orders!

Oh, I've been meaning to link to you and I will do that now without fail! I'm placing you at the top of my blog roll!

All the best,
{hugs} Kathryn

Terri said...

What are acrylic risers? They make your pictures really look great.