Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Am I Over-Thinking Again?

This is a plea to all you beadweavers:

I've been in the studio this week working on another peyote stitch necklace. There is no one in my part of North Carolina teaching this method, so I've learned the peyote stitch from books and online tutorials. As a result, I don't have a good idea of which details to sweat and which to let go.

This week's project design is similar to my first which is the result of much experimentation. My mistakes in this first piece are not immediately noticeable, so I've kept it for myself and wear it often. Because of those mistakes, I'm not comfortable with the idea of selling it. But my question is, what constitutes a mistake?

This project started with an agatized fossil coral coin bead. I encased it with size 15 seed beads and keishi pearls. I'm delighted with the result:

Next came the peyote stitch bead tubes as accents, and again, pretty happy with the result:

I worked the odd-count tubular peyote stitch necklace base in size 11 seed beads, starting with 21 beads tied in a circle. Here I have a piece coming together even more beautifully than I had initially imagined, EXCEPT that the tubular peyote base of the necklace is so stiff that it creases unattractively when I curve it around. (x's mark the trouble spots):

I tried to loosen the tension as I stitched, but that just resulted in the tube being "squishy" and it creased even worse when curved.

Is this creasing issue just to be expected? Or is it a basic flaw, and now I have yet another necklace to keep for myself?


Snap said...


I'm not a beader so I can't help you except to say it's sure pretty!

a fanciful twist said...

Um, well, I make jewelry, but nothihg like your incredible details!!!!!! So I don't know... But...

In this case, regarding say, me and looking at that piece - it is a pure work of art, fab colors too. And, I wouldn't know word one if you didn't say anything, tee heeeee....

So, I still think it is worth $567,842,988,000 dollars. At least in Elfin gold.. Which equates to unmeasurable human dollars...

But truly - I always gasp at your work (in delightment)....


rochambeau said...

So unique, so delicate& femminine, so amazing. Keep doing what ever you are doing!
This is beautiful work Kate!


rochambeau said...

I can't tell you how to price.
That is NOT my specialty.
Guess figure out your hours!!??
and times that by your hourly rate!

a fanciful twist said...


I was just drooling in your shop!! One day one of those fringed neckales of yours, is going to be mine, bwahahahaaaaa!!! LOVe them!!

shiborigirl said...

Oh, I don't know if I was unclear, but my issue isn't with the pricing - THAT I've got under control. It's the distortion of the tube that chapping my hide at the moment!

Thanks for all the nice compliments. :)


3rdEyeMuse said...

personally, I believe you are over thinking it ... I admit that I am not anywhere close to THAT level of beading, but can't think of a single person that would have noticed the "kink" ... this necklace makes me seriously wish I were a gazillionaire - it's brilliant.

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Kate!

I'm wondering if there are any on-line jewelry making chat rooms that might help with your problem. It looks gorgeous to me, but I understand your frustration. I feel the same way when I can't get the right look or feel to something I'm making.

Hope you are able to solve the problem.


lori vliegen said...

i wish i could help you, as you know how much i LOVE to offer my opinion on things!! so, even though i know nothing about beading, i'll go ahead and offer my opinion anyway...i think it's all GORGEOUS! i know what you mean about having to rely on tutorials and not having the instruction available in your area...i go through this all the time with making books. i've learned that as much as i don't like learning this way, i've been able to develop my own style as a result of it. unfortunately, i have to make tons of mistakes along the way....would you like to see my collection of unusable books?!

keep it up, kate....what you're doing is fabulous! :)

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Wow, Kate, it's beautiful. I can't help you with the beading question except to say that, in general, anything that thick and solid (even fabric) would do the same. Any way you could vary the thickness in some places (ever so slightly) to allow for the inevitable bend (kind of like clipping a curve of a seam)?

Andrea said...

That is simply stunning! I don't know anything about beading...except that you do a grogeous job.