Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pooch's Memorial Garden

I've been plodding along, digging in Pooch's memorial garden for a week and a half now. This is one of those projects that seemed like a great idea... until we got a couple hours into it. Then, all I could think was "WHAT were we thinking?!?"

Each morning, I eat breakfast and drink my coffee, knowing I'm about to go out into the HOT, hot world (it was 92 degrees today!) and sling a mattock until I'm dripping. To make things worse, the mosquitoes are so big and aggressive that I need to wear long sleeves and sweat pants. The little creeps can drill through those heavy clothes, but I figure, if they're gonna get me, I'll make sure it hurts them as much as me! I've tried using insect repellent, but the skeeters just look at me and say, "Mmmmmm... Marinade!"

As I'm slogging away outside, Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" keeps running through my head.

You can see in the background of these pictures just how badly overgrown the ground covering vines are. Digging in a new patch is definitely not my favorite thing to do, but the end result will be a peaceful, shady foliage garden. So far, the front half is done and ready for some added top soil before planting.

An overall view

The dogwood sapling

Pooch's "spot" is under the aggregate pavers

I loved these two huchera plants - the leaves contrast with each other beautifully

Our neighbors gave us two gardenia bushes started from cuttings

Can you believe this is a geranium?!? GORGEOUS.

Our "flying pig" weathervane:

It's a good-sized patch - about 10'x10'. I have several iris clumps in the front yard that need dividing. I'm going to bring some of those to this new back garden. Throughout the year I'll add other seasonal things like bulbs and some fall foliage plants. This is a long project - I'm not sure it will ever really be "finished". It's going to be fun to watch it take shape.

Update: Thursday, June 4

Well, dammit! The deer came through and ate the huchera and fuchsias down to nubs. I don't care how cute and pretty the deer are... I dream of venison steaks at this moment in time.


rochambeau said...

A lovely thing to do in honor of your Pooch! You will be SO GLAD when you see how pretty it will be, I think Pooch will be glad too! Sorry about the mosquitoes! They adore me too. ;-(
The other day I worked outside. Even with tons of water, it made me feel lightheaded!


lori vliegen said...

well, i must say that even in your misery your sense of humor is definitely still in tact!! you make me absolutely laugh out LOUD talking about bug spray as marinade (i'm laughing even as i type it!!)!!

the most worthwhile projects are usually the hardest...your love for Pooch will get you through it.

hugs, :)

p.s. saw your comment on my blog....i'm moving in 10 days....wanna give the mosquitos the day off and come help me?! :)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

It will be a lovely spot when "finished" (to the extent that gardens are ever really finished....)

I was flipping through your blog trying to recall where you lived (so hot already?!) and I saw your weight-loss gauge. Maybe the gardening project will help with that!! ; )

Snap said...

We've been working on Musashi's Garden for 5 years now. It's never finished and that's okay. We love the work/play and with our big windows, we can always see outside. It's very calming and we know Musashi would have loved it. We think of him everytime we look outside and we smile.


3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you for sharing the progress ... can't wait to see even more!

Andrea said...

Just take your time and enjoy it....it'll turn out beautiful.

Vera said...

Kate, dear, I am so sorry for your loss! I know well how you must feel...

Isabel said...

What a great way to honor Pooch! I know it will come out beautiful because it is being done from the heart. When I got to the Deer part...I had to laugh, my dear. You sounded just like me writing on my garden diary the other day...first I mentioned how lovely the Pansies (yes, pansies !!! what was I thinking) looked in my old terracotta pots...then two days later I had an entry on the diary that just read...the mean deer ate the pansies!!!!