Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cleaning Up The Mess

What am I, five years old? I'm like a kid with her new toys with this new polymer clay disease I've got. I set up the pasta machine, put down an old floor tile, and started working... right on top of what I'd been doing before Christmas!

As I finished a piece, I put it aside, but then, willy-nilly, put new stuff on top of those without looking first. I was possessed - keep working - don't look up, you might get distracted by all the pretty colors.

Until yesterday morning, when I walked into my studio and took a look at the mess that was my workstation.

I couldn't even get to my instruction/inspiration books.

So, I cleared out some drawers that were still a shrine to my fabric dyeing days, put my new toys in their assigned spaces,

and now I have room to work,

my newly made canes are safe in a box for now - no more mashed parts as something unwanted lands on them.

Next I need to learn to look where I lay my tools down as I'm working - fixing dents in the tops of beads is getting old...

copyright 2009 Shibori Girl


Snap said...

Reading about your new *love* just brings a smile to my face! YeeHaaw!

somepinkflowers said...


i see nothing wrong with this--->
being a kid
with new toys!


4 being 5...

play away, carry on...

lori vliegen said...

i love new obsessions....and i love others who find new obsessions, too!!! this is fantastic, kate....i know you'll have a blast with this! your space looks need your oven, though, so you can get those beads baked and then they won't dent.... :))))

Christine said...

Lol..I'm having that deja vu feeling. This is my predicament every time I work in my cramped studio. Wait still you start getting clay embedded into the bottoms of your'll really feel like a kid then :P