Sunday, January 03, 2010

Repetitive Geometry is a Beautiful Thing

I've spent the weekend further exploring the wonders of polymer clay. I'm seriously addicted, and my new toaster oven hasn't even arrived yet. I've been a cane-makin' fool while I wait for it to get here.

Last night I made a bullseye lace cane, with the intent of using it as the center of a larger sunflower cane.

I really went to town on that bullseye piece, and before I realized it, the little "cells" were mighty small.

This morning, I made the flower petals, blending the colors from pale butter yellow to a nice rich lemon. I added some pumpkin orange lines for dimension, and put them on the cane from last night. Oh, it was beautiful! I filled in the gaps with translucent clay which, when sliced very thin and baked, should disappear. Whatever background color the slices are placed on will surround the pale yellow petals.

This flower cane was REALLY fat - nearly 3 inches across - so I started to reduce it. By the time I got it to a workable length, all the detail in the center was gone. Lesson learned.

Also, in the process of reduction, the petals elongated, and now the flower more resembles a black-eyed susan than a sunflower. I recognize my mistake here - the surrounding clay was too thin and eventually the tips of the petals reached the edge. It's still pretty, but wasn't what I had in mind.

After lunch I looked at my work station and saw the mess of odds and ends sitting there. I'd seen a video on youtube about making kaleidoscope canes from bits and pieces and gave it a whirl. Oh. My. God. This was so much fun. Per instruction, I grabbed any old scrap canes that were handy, even if I thought they didn't go well together.

It just didn't matter. First to make a toblerone-shaped cane. Cut in half and put one half next to the other.

Stretch and pinch to make it longer, and repeat the above step.

I wanted to make it square - it'll make nice tiles for a bracelet.

But then I thought I'd take the repeat even further, and then rolled it round.

What a fabulous way to make sure nothing goes to waste!

copyright 2009 Shibori Girl


High Desert Diva said...

Reminds me of my fused glass experiments last summer. Definitely turned out differently than I had in mind...

I'll look forward to seeing the jewelry you create with these pieces.

Snap said...

You are having so much fun! YeeeHaaaw!!!!

somepinkflowers said...

these are beautiful, kate.


i think there is something
so meditative
about doing this sort of art.

getting lost in the process
is what makes it
Wonderfully addictive.

Alice Stroppel said...

Another "I can't believe you're a beginner" cane. You did learn a lesson, but you can also see, can't you, that it wasn't lost. It still looks great and you can use it.

rochambeau said...

Your Polymere work is stunning!! You have a true talent with your with your fairy fingers! Can not wait to see what follows next in this arena!

Happy New Year Kate!!


somepinkflowers said...

i came back to look again
at these bits of magic
U R creating.


do NOT get me started
on a new craft!


do this one, missy,
for the both of us.....

Stephanie said...

These are soooo cool! You make it look easy, but I'm sure it isn't.

Isabel said...

Oh my dear Kate! I can't blame you for sounding like a kid with a new toy...this IS a lot of fun. I can't believe how many different interesting shapes you can make with polimer.

We need to see more of these. Please continue.

I am always amazed at what your hands and determination creates!!!