Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Polymer Clay Pieces Coming Together

The focus this past week was to finish some new polymer clay jewelry. I thoroughly enjoy making the canes, and if I had my way, that's all I'd do, day in and day out. My new plan is to only make canes one day a week, leaving the rest of the week to do the finishing work.

I made another green pendant and listed it in my Etsy shop again.

My favorite cane of the week was a pink, green, purple, and tan floral number. It reminds me of a vintage stained glass window.

It made a lovely pendant.

In my box of shibori ribbons, I found this purple and fuchsia piece that really packs a punch. Perfect!

While I was putting together the pink and green pendant, I started playing with more pieces from that cane with thoughts of making a larger pendant from them.

The finished piece is huge, about 4 inches across, and has many flaws, so I don't feel comfortable trying to sell it. I'm going to hang it on my wall for inspiration, as well as a reminder to be super careful when putting something like this together. It's loaded with fingerprints, little nicks from my nails, and also has some air bubbles that showed up during baking.

Even so, it's a pretty thing, and I'll enjoy looking at it.

I've got some new beads sanded, buffed, and acrylic-coated to be turned into bracelets and earrings this week. I love my job!

copyright 2009 Shibori Girl


Snap said...


These are just gorgeous. It really shows that you LOVE your job!

Anonymous said...
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Alice Stroppel said...

I'm smiling a giant smile because these are incredibly wonderful. Then I'm laughing very hard at this very funny statement from you.
"My new plan is to only make canes one day a week, leaving the rest of the week to do the finishing work." You are hopelessly hooked... I can see it, so good luck with that....:)

Finger prints are easy to avoid. I need to do a video. But there are some tips in my business card video and in the one for the fish mosaic. Smooth Lotion Citrus Orange hand cleaner (no grit) and deli sheets.

shibori girl said...


Now I'M laughing very hard... plans were made to be changed. ;)

Thanks for the tips.

Stephanie said...

Stunning, really stunning....

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

The pendants are gorgeous...they remind me of kalidescopes.

rochambeau said...

Very nice Kate and oh so Shibori Girl with those silk chains!
Hope all is well! I can see it's been a creative year so far.

How ya likin' your kitchen?

paula l. mandel said...

Katie: You are amazing! Growing and changing with every breath!!! These are truly beautiful. Love you!

somepinkflowers said...

i just crawl up into your clay

and get lost


i hope you do not mind.
i did think i might end up divided and multiplied ♥♥♥

{{ it could happen }}