Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Lost That Lovin' Feeling..."

...for my digital camera and longtime friend, Canon Powershot A80, that is.

Once reliable, he's now a moody S.O.B. who requires more than a little romance and sweet talk to do his job. I grow weary with trying to judge his temperament upon caressing him awake, tenderly touching his "ON" button, breathlessly waiting to see if he'll perform or not. Lately, if I'm extremely lucky, he awakens, ready and willing, takes the first picture flawlessly... and then craps out on me to do this:

Let's just say I've been putting a lot of quarters in the Swear Jar of late.

With an Etsy Showcase set up for next Monday, I really need to get some shots of new earrings. After yet another unsatisfying photo experience yesterday, I shouted, "S**T!", to the skies while resisting the urge to rip him off his tripod to hurl him against the wall.

I went online to do a little research, found something I'd be happy with, and ran out the door to do some comparative shopping. I hit the four big shops in our area, including Walmart and Circuit City. None of them had what I'd planned to look at, but all had the next step up, Canon's Powershot A590. What a little sweetie-pie! Trim and sexy in shape, lightweight due to needing only 2 batteries, and it takes fab-U-lous pictures too. Circuit City had it on sale (even better!). I gladly handed over my credit card and took the Little Darling home with me.

"Oh, Happy Day!" Now my pictures look like this:

MUUUUUUuuuch better! To keep the romance alive this time, I guess I'll need some candlelight, Al Green on the stereo... who knows where that'll lead? Stay tuned...


Karen Cole said...

Well you certainly have been busy. I haven't been blogging much, of late. You, however, seem to be swimming along nicely. Sorry I missed your give-away.
Glad to see some people like SPF and Rochambeau were winners.

Hope you are well, Kate and thanks for your lovely comments.

rochambeau said...

I share in your new camera JOY Kate! Your new photo is GREAT!! Happy for you!! When I grow up, I'm getting a new camera!


somepinkflowers said...


i always have
at least ONE Cannon PowerShot
i like how the feel in the hand.


i can hold on to mine
and sneak it up a long sleeve
for secret*shooting
in a flash...

i use the PowerShot A720
for most of my recent travel photos.

{{ from target on sale }}

looks like your Darling
is preforming well for you,
is measuring up.

carry on
and keep shooting those earrings, missy...