Monday, July 28, 2008

I Know A Magical Place...

…it’s a place of peace and beauty where playful creatures live and shy faeries hide amongst the greenery of wise trees. Ssshhh! Tiptoe with me into the World of James Browne and meet some of his creatures. (Click on the images to see details, including stories written for them.)

There are dragons

"Rich in Love"


and faeries

"First Kiss"


wise old trees

"Old Wisebark"


charming forest critters

"The Nutcracker"


fairy tales come to life



and mermaids



I first encountered Browne’s world at a street show in New Hope, PA in early October of 2001. My mother, Marble Man, and I wandered down Main Street, ducking in and out of booths. We entered Browne’s space and found ourselves in a place of rich color and texture. Mom and I immediately got the Galloping Greedy Gimme’s and gathered up several prints to take home.

My special treasure (seen above), titled “Allure”, features a wistful mermaid sitting on the shores of her Land of Arches. Every morning she greets me with that same dreamy expression, and to this day I wonder what she is thinking. It wasn’t only the mermaid’s mood that drew me into this painting. Browne’s sensitive treatment of rocks and water is stunning. AND, he signed the back for me with a little drawing:

This fella's imagination really comes to life in his paintings. He says he has “studio elves and faeries that keep his brushes clean and leave footprints on his palette”. Here, he plays with his first faery, discovered after Sunday school:

"First Encounter"


As you can see, his portrayal of children is amazing.

"Given to Fly"


So, if you have some time, head on over to James' place of wonder and step back into childhood fantasy.

Note: images were used with written permission of James Browne.


rochambeau said...

James Brown's work is GREAT!
Especially like his mermaid!
Thank you for sharing his work here.

Paul Sears Photography said...

very cool - it's amazing what you can find at street fairs. Some of my favorite art in my house is from festivals. A friend of mine is doing one here in LA next month, which sadly I had to pass on doing with her. But I can't wait to go down and see her stuff and the other folks there.

3rdEyeMuse said...

these are so wonderful! thanks for sharing a little her-story and his link. :)

somepinkflowers said...

love your new banner!


is that a cha~cha bracelet?
{{ i am learning that }}

Karen Cole said...

Well it looks like you are sitting here in blogland quite comfortably. Everything looks beautiful. I am sad that you have stopped doing your fabric work but, your jewelry looks great.

Somehow I can't link back to you when you comment on my blog......thank you very much BTW....truly appreciated.

A Fanciful Twist said...

I love every piece! Some of my faves in fact! Swwwwoooon! And Miss Kate, your little blog changes looks so incredibly beautiful!! I am always afraid to change things, because I am not sure, if the change will be appealing... But, I have to take some tips from you because, your blog looks incredible!! Sparkly Day!!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible illustrations! I'll have to look into getting some of his books for my son at the library as they would definitely get his attention! I like the image of the mermaid and the tree is so intricate and wonderfully done. And how lucky you are to have met him in person:)
By the way your page looks great! I love the mauve/gray color and it looks so professional..very nice.
~Christine :)