Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back To The Studio

It's been a week since Pooch died, and each day is getting easier than the last. We spent the weekend digging a hole in the hard-packed clay in a shady section of our back yard. While we were at it, we thought it would be nice to dig in a memorial garden around Pooch's "spot". I'll be working all Summer to get that finished, but the biggest part (burying Pooch) is done. This final act brings to mind the old fairy tales where the heroine buries a loved one, and a magical tree laden with silver and golden apples flourishes over the grave. It's a nice thought, but I think we'll just keep the dogwood sapling that's already doing well there. And, yes, I do think the pun in that is funny!

I'm growing accustomed to being alone during the day: I've stopped cleaning so madly and I find I'm able relax into a work schedule. Today was my first full day in the studio - I have three new bracelets to show for my labors. All three were made with the flower chain bead weaving method:

tangerine and blue fire-polished crystals and apple green seed beads:

This piece has a peyote stitch toggle
garnet red and amber fire-polished crystals with light olive green seed beads

freshwater pearls and pink fire-polished crystals with silver-lined seed beads

This was my favorite of all three, but photographing it proved to be a bear. Neither white nor black backgrounds do it real justice. Any suggestions?
Thank you all for your sweet comments and caring emails during this past week. It means the world to me to have such loving and supportive friends.

And a BIG "Thank You!" to all those friends and family who showered us with dachshund memorabilia over the years. Because of you, we're surrounded with fun memories of our little man:

Corn holders! Funny!


lori vliegen said...

hi kate! your bracelets are exquisite...if i could, i would order one of each! your photos are wonderful...but i know what you mean about some backgrounds not working as well as others...i have the same challenge with some of my journals. it's all a learning process and some days i run low on energy to try to figure it all out!

such a beautiful drawing of pooch. here's to easier days ahead...


Snap said...

Your bracelets are gorgeous -- as usual! Loved the sketch of Pooch. The garden will help ... at least Musashi's Garden has helped us. Still miss him after 5 years ... there won't be another kitty like him, but we now have our three furbabies that we adore and Musashi's Garden makes us smile.


ElegantSnobbery said...

OH WOW, those bracelets are fabulous. I am so in awe of your talent!!!

That picture of pooch is so beautiful! So glad. I'm glad the days are getting easier for you. I'm a cat girl, who hasn't had a pet cat in nearly a decade... its so painful when they go!! {hugs} and I hope you feel better soon.

Gabriela said...

Hello Kate,

I really love how you combine your illustrations and jewelry on a display! It's such a unique way to show off your talents.

~ Gabriela ~

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Glad to hear you are back in the studio...that is a good sign. Making those beautiful bracelets must be so satisfying.

Maybe a silver background? Or pink to make the pale pink pop? I guess you could use a nice paper to achieve the right color.

3rdEyeMuse said...

... I love the that a dogwood is the beginning of the memorial garden ... could it have been any more appropriate?!? :)

LOVE the three new bracelets - gorgeous!!

rochambeau said...

Glad you are able to make your art. It is good therapy. Your bracelets are beautiful Kate. Loosing a pet is the hardest thing. I can never get another dog because. Pooch wants you to be happy, I think!


Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear your feeling more yourself lately. Your bracelets are stunning.

TattingChic said...

You've been busy! The bracelets are lovely! :)