Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dance Now and Then

As I mentioned here, I have a passion for dancing (though I don't possess much grace on the floor). I adore seeing professionals do their thing, whether they're doing ballroom, modern, jazz, belly, or even pole dancing. If done well, dancing is a wonder to behold. I'm an avid fan of ABC's Dancing With The Stars - it's great fun to watch people out of their element working hard and overcoming obstacles while training themselves to move beautifully.

Last night's episode was the quarter-final of this season's competition, and it was a blast. Seventeen-year-old Olympic gold-medalist, Shawn Johnson, busted clean out of her shell to deliver a quickstep that blew my socks right off. This clip includes the rehearsal scenes as well as the judges comments (the performance begins around 1:28 if you want to skip the early stuff). I find it so interesting that the celebrities struggle to learn their routines in a week fraught with drama, and then come on stage and nail it.

Her performance reminded me of old-time Hollywood movies, back when studio heads required all their stars to learn to tap dance. Here's a clip of Bob Hope and Jimmy Cagney doing their hilarious schtick:

Don't these clips make you want to slip into some sequins and feathers, strap on some fancy shoes, and move to the groove? I know I do! Have a sparkly day, everyone.


Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Great clip! It is hard to believe (in a way) that someone with that much body intelligence would have such "trouble." But I guess that's the risk of trying something new, and she must feel pressure to achieve very deeply to be an Olympian.

A dear friend married an Iranian woman a few years back and now all their parties (which she loves to throw) includes belly dancing (performer & guests). I took belly dancing in college and love it! I am invariably the only "Anglo" out on the floor with all the Iranian women and I have a blast! ; )

Snap said...

Love the quick step. I remember when Marie Osmond was on Dancing With The Stars and dressed in a WAC (or was it army?) uniform to do the quick step... too cool!

lori vliegen said...

ah, yes...to be a dancer!! i love to dance, i just don't do it very well, so i usually keep it private (my broom is an excellent partner!)...but, oh, to be light on my feet and be able to move like that! i love the movie "shall we dance"...one of these days i'm going to take lessons.

loved the you tubes...that was fun watching mr. bad guy jimmy cagney twirl around with bob hope!! :)

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

I love to dance, it releases endorphins that give you a natural mood booster. That show is fun to watch!

Andrea said...

I loved watching the dancing skit with Bob Hope...old movies are an absolute favorite of mine. They sure don't make movies like that anymore.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Great clip! I LOVE dancing. In fact, dancing and yoga are the only activities that make me feel completely at ease and even in awe of my mind/body connection. Thanks Kate, I think I'll skip the treadmill and work on a few routines tomorrow instead! :)

Gabriela said...

Hello Kate,

I also watch Dancing with the Stars and I am shocked that Lil'Kim got kicked out! Totally not expected, she was very good...

~ Gabriela ~

rochambeau said...

Hi Kate,
This is the first time I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and loving it!! IT IS AMAZING how much these people learn in one week. I can't believe it!!
I had to miss last night.

HOpe all is well!